This is a no nonsense, straight to the point book. It's all about results and contains information that no only helps in your dating life but with life in general.

Tom Conley from Manchester

When getting back into dating, after awhile, this is a great book to help alleviate nervousness and giving you more confidence.

Sarah Mathis from Boston

Take the plunge and I promise you won't be disappointed! It helped me to reframe the social indoctrination j was unaware I was exposed to and has helped improve my persona.

David Lowry from San Fransisco

Value, Value, Value. This book offers so much insight into not only dating, but more importantly finding your authentic self.

Samantha Green from London

Its your life to live, if you are serious about finding yourself and improving your dating life then this is the book for you.

Charles Lawson from Dublin

Great info and this is a very good book that I wish I had got and read when in my late teens or early 20s…

Emily Toulon from Vancouver
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